SKG's Deer of the Year

What you'll win from Rackology:

4x4x4 Pallet of Rackology products to supply you for an entire year (based on an average 150 acre farm).

(cannot exceed $500 retail value in any one particular product.)

Presented by: Rackology "Everything deer need in one bag."

Submit your deer for SKG's Deer of the Year award and win a YEAR's SUPPLY of Rackology products ($1500 retail value) and this full page dedicated to you and your deer on our website for an entire year!

How to Enter: Email with a picture of you with your 2018 deer harvest. Include your name and state you killed your deer.

When does the submission process end? December 31st, 2018 @ 5pm

When does the voting process begin & end? Voting begins January 2 and runs through January 30th, 2019 @ 5pm


1. Deer must be from 2018 deer season

2. Picture must include you with the deer

3. Any deer (buck or doe) is allowed

4. Deer picture must be submitted by deadline

5. Only legally harvested deer allowed

6. SKG owns the right to reject any submission if believed to be illegal or picture isn't properly submitted.

7. Endorsed SKG team members are not allowed to enter